Dynamic Logic

Link™ for Digital

Optimize Your Digital Creative Before Campaign Launch

In the early years of online, advertising was a bit of a guessing game. Today, it’s proven that creative quality is critical to online ad impact and predictive tools can aid in creating successful digital ad campaigns from the beginning.

Born from Millward Brown’s Link™ suite of creative evaluation solutions, our digital offer employs validated copy testing and neuroscience techniques to help you understand how your ads will likely perform against branding objectives in the online space. Test several executions to identify the strongest creative (LinkSelect) or go deep on a single ad for rich creative optimization (Link for Digital). Then, benchmark your creative against industry norms to help shed light on the particular areas where the ad is either succeeding or failing before the campaign launches.

How Link works for you:

  • As an advertiser, maximize your creative impact pre-market by testing a new or refreshed message and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative feedback to select the ad the best meets your objectives.
  • As an agency, vet your creative executions to ensure messaging and creative concept are on target with client’s campaign goals.

Through a rigorous validation process where Link™ results have been compared to AdIndex® in-market performance, Dynamic Logic has developed new and unique models to predict in-market success based on varying campaign objectives. Learn more about our validation research here.

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