Dynamic Logic


Connect the Data Dots for Further Campaign Impact

An ad campaign can have many effects — it can change people’s opinions about a brand, drive search and site visitation, move people to interact on social media and ultimately drives sales.

At Dynamic Logic we’re bridging multiple datasets into one cohesive story to help you understand holistic advertising impact. We call it DLConnects® and it’s our overarching principle of simplifying data integration to better understand indicators of both the longer-term branding and shorter-term behavioral impact of digital and cross-media campaigns.

Advanced analytics from the following can be weaved into our in-market campaign evaluation solutions:

  • Online Behavior: Understand how ad exposure drives changes in consumers' online behaviors and brand interactions, such as search and site activity.
  • Social: Monitor consumer opinion and discussion around a campaign in today's social media environment.
  • Link to Sales: Gain a better understanding of an ad campaign's ROI by evaluating its impact on sales, both online and off.

In some cases these connections are made via family ties and established partnerships and in others they are achieved through in-house custom analyses. In every case clients benefit from transparent execution, always working through one central point of contact within Dynamic Logic.

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