Dynamic Logic

CrossMedia Research™

Improve Multimedia Campaign Performance and Return on Investment

With today’s ever-expanding media choices, it’s vital for marketers, agencies and media owners to make the most efficient deployment of 360-degree marketing programs. A joint Dynamic Logic and Millward Brown solution, CrossMedia Research™ provides the insights needed to maximize campaign impact and make multimedia investments work harder. 

Our media experts leverage cost and campaign reach data to determine which media, or media combinations, are the most efficient means of achieving brand objectives.  Aligning this data with target audience, campaign reach and media spend, a cost-per-person for moving each brand metric is calculated as a measure of ROI.  We can expand our analysis to include media simulation, understanding how increasing or decreasing levels of spend and GRPs for each medium impact campaign performance.

How CrossMedia Research works for you:

  • As an advertiser, develop more meaningful connections with consumers by understanding how advertising in each medium shifts brand perceptions or encourages higher purchase intention. Also, look beyond exposure to paid advertising and consider the role of non-traditional touch points — sponsorship, events, PR, word of mouth, user-generated content and retail based activities — as part of the campaign’s overall effect. 
  • As an agency, discover the most cost-efficient media combinations for specific brands and audiences and test the impact of shifting budgets from one medium to another to find a more optimal media mix.
  • As a media group or publisher, quantify how placement across your various media platforms can generate stronger brand impact for an advertiser to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of multi-platform buys.

Want more? Our DLConnects® platform enables advanced analytics from a set of established data connections to be weaved into your CrossMedia Research analysis. As a result, you have the choice to connect attitudinal metrics with post-view search and site visitation, online and offline sales, consumer sentiment and other relevant data for a deeper view of your multimedia campaign impact.

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